Real Estate Journal — Financial Digest — Creative Financing — June 9 - 22, 2017 — 17A


M id A tlantic

C reative F inancing


Recent Closings Announcement

$ 74,365,000 ORIGINATED

8 Deals Funded | 7 States Covered | 4 Property Types

$14,500,000 Boutique Hotel Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Acquisition & CapEx Seattle, WA

$18,000,000 Multifamily Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Acquisition Memphis, TN

$6,790,000 Full Service Hotel

$5,740,000 Industrial Facility Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Acquisition, CapEx & TI/LC Moorestown, NJ

Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Leasehold Acquisition Chicago (Rosemont), IL

$9,560,000 Multifamily

$2,175,000 Multifamily Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Acquisition & CapEx Chicago (Rogers Park), IL

$11,250,000 Boutique Hotel Floating Rate Whole Loan Acquisition & CapEx Los Angeles, CA

$6,350,000 Anchored Retail Center Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Recapitalization & TI/LC Durham, NC

Fixed Rate Bridge Loan Recapitalization & CapEx Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY

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This communication is for informational purposes only and intended for our non-advisory loan origination and servicing clients only. As such, nothing herein is an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security and is qualified in its entirety by any related Private Placement Memorandum and Partnership Agreement. Deal terms subject to change at our discretion. Total loans funded figures represent closed financing transactions across closed-end funds, programmatic joint venture arrangements, co-investments and separate accounts. An investment in a private real estate fund or loans involves a substantial degree of risk and investors could lose principal. Prospective investors can obtain more information about our private funds by contacting our investor relations department.

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