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Partnered with Hamilton Creative, LLC Providence Engineering Corp. celebrates 25 years with a new brand


fices in six locations. Their first acquisition of Ritchie Engineering in Carlisle was announced earlier this year. As Providence has grown, they have developed in- creased expertise in new cat- egories. Services such as Food Process Design and Cold Stor- age have become pillars at Providence. Technology and marketplace demands have also influenced the internal strategies of the company. One result is the creation of a dedicated team committed to Virtual Design Services (VDS). Utilizing the latest

BIM technology, this team strives to provide the most state of the art VDS resources to the building design and construction industry. With these significant enhancements, continued growth and the milestone moment of their 25th An- niversary, Providence felt it was time to begin the process of rebranding the company. “Looking back on the firm that was Providence Engi- neering in our earlier years and contrasting it with the larger firm we have become, it was clear to me and the rest

of our leadership team that it was time to present ourselves differently, more accurately in the market. It was time to clearly state our service po- tential, our geographic reach and the depth and extent of our in-house engineering tal- ent. Certainly we still, and will continue to, draw from the roots of the firm that was founded in Lancaster County in the early 90’s, but we have advanced beyond that firm today. As we look to celebrate our 25 years, we wanted to be sure our clients know who we are, what we’ve done and

what we can do for them. We believe part of that message needed to be a “new look”. We are excited to launch into our next 25 years with a new logo, a new webpage and renewed commitment to the built environment and the design partners we craft it with,” - David Bernhardt , president. Providence partnered with Hamilton Creative, LLC to guide the company through the rebranding process. The goal behind the updated identity was to embrace the firm Providence has become; a multi-faceted engineering firm equipped for the future, while also preserving the roots of who they are; their core foundation. The look still has a navy blue palette, as it has from the firm’s inception, but now has an added color of yellow provid- ing for more visual interest. The new logo element is built suggesting a skyline with multiple building types and if you look closely, you can see that a “P” for Provi- dence is also incorporated to help convey their focus on the building industry. The yellow accent was added to increase visual interest and further establish the modern approach. NEW LOGO: In addition to their updated identity, Providence launched a sig- nificantly revamped and expanded website. They set out to create something that provides a resource-packed tool for visitors to access relevant industry news, and also to provide an insider’s seat to the latest happenings at Providence. While the firm has an up- dated brand, a new and im- proved website and many beneficial improvements to our services and team, they are proud to state that the mission and their partner- ing principles have remained unchanged. Providence con- tinues to be advocates for the building owner, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of their vision. Their commitment: whether your work requires structural expertise, food- process/cold-storage design, cutting edge digital model- ing technology or any of the other services we offer, we will deliver your engineer- ing confidence as we have for more than 25 years. n

ancaster, PA — Providence Engi- neering Corp. an-

n o u n c e d that as part of celebrat- i n g t h e i r 25th year, the firm is launching a rebrand of the i r l ogo and a re-

David Bernhardt

designed website. In their years of service, Providence has built a consistent track record of steady growth, has over 60 employees and of-


120 N. P OINTE B LVD ., S UITE 301 L ANCASTER , PA 17601


(717) 569-9373


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