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How Competition Guided My Journey Into Law

I have always been very competitive, from scoring points in sports to getting stellar grades. That competitive nature has led me to be as successful as I have been. However, my journey didn’t start with an interest in the law. I grew up inWyoming before my family settled in Dallas. I graduated from Plano Senior High School, where I spent most of my time playing basketball and football, developing that competitive spirit. My parents raised me to stand up for those in need and protect those who cannot defend themselves. I wanted to find an area of work that would help me be of service to my community. I had a deep interest in animals, so I originally thought I wanted to apply to vet school. When I was growing up, lawyers were a mysterious thing to me. It was always looked upon in my house as “You don’t call a lawyer unless you know one or have the money to pay for their time.”It wasn’t until I participated in a mock trial in a social studies class in high school that I got a sense of what they did. However, it wasn’t necessarily an “aha”moment for me. I did well academically in high school and was awarded a scholarship to Oklahoma State University for its pre-vet program. However, I, like many early undergraduate students, met my fair share of obstacles. “My parents raised me to stand up for those in need and protect those who cannot defend themselves. I wanted to find an area of work that would help me be of service to my community.”

After interning at a couple of different vet clinics during my sophomore year, I realized that being a vet wasn’t for me. I thought back to the mock trial in high school and reached out to a lawyer in the area to see what the industry was like. It was a competitive field, but, with my competitive nature, it felt like the perfect fit. I loved the idea of going up against someone or something for a cause you believed in. I changed majors and graduated with a bachelor’s in agricultural economics with an emphasis in prelaw. Since I already made the good grades necessary for vet school, I was in an excellent position to get into law school, especially after taking the LSAT. I went to the University of Houston Law Center. While I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, it wasn’t until the great late John O’Quinn came and spoke to my school that I found I had a real interest in litigation. His war stories in litigation were fascinating and kept me on the edge of my seat. From the technical aspect of the law to the way he engaged everyone with his stories, I was in awe. During the summer between my second and third year of law school, I got a clerkship with Haynes and Boone, the largest law firm in Dallas. I had the opportunity to hone my writing and research abilities, skills I still utilize today. They hired me after graduation. However, after three years, I didn’t think I was getting what I needed. I moved into a medium-sized law firmwhere I was able to gain experience in commercial litigation and learn the inner workings of the defense of insurance companies.

those in need like my parents taught me. I wanted to go into personal injury law and be an advocate for others. Now I use my experiences on the plaintiff side to benefit my clients. I’m sincere, and I handle my cases aggressively with integrity. When I’m not at work, my wife and I stay busy with our three kids. They’re active in various sports, and I’m starting to see the same competitive side in them that I have. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them either on the field or academically as they get older. Next time you’re in the office, let me know your children’s favorite sports! I’m always looking for new activities for them to try out.

-Patrick R. Kelly

While that experience working with insurance companies was invaluable, I wanted to help

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