By David MacDonald K arl, you couldn’t be more centrally-located to do business. You operate out of Nova Scotia’s busiest, most populated corridor. What’s the range of Quest Kitchens? Well, we’ve installed our custom kitchens as far as St. John’s, Newfoundland and in Mactaquac, New Brunswick – and, of course, across most of Nova Scotia. Well, I was aware of Quest Kitchens’ solid reputation here in Halifax before the magazine reached out to you, Karl. One thing that’s abundantly clear to me after just my preliminary research is the fact that your family is a major motivator for you – and I get that. Can you please tell the readers just how Charmaine, Mccabe, Theo, and Thomas have made Quest Kitchens what it is today? David, my family is my whole world. When my feet hit the floor out of bed every morning, my first thought is them. I’m moving to provide for them and I’ve always operated with the notion that to fail is unacceptable. They’re my driving force and when I’m taking that extra time to find solutions for customers – and I have a story about that – they’re at the back of my mind cheering me on. That’s why I’ll never dismiss a concern; I’ll make sure that every project honours its timelines and is completed to a standard that reflects my best. This effort is at the heart of our lifetime warranty guarantee. I don’t take shortcuts and I don’t think there’s a place for that in building and installation. My drive means you’re only going to see me the one time; you won’t be calling Quest back to a job.



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