WAPT. Back Pain And Walking


Action Pain/Weakness Stand up and perform the following actions. Circle Yes or No if any action causes pain or feels weak in your hips, knees, or ankles:

As I’m writing this the white stuff is falling in the mountains and we are getting ready for winter sports. HOWEVER, are you a little nervous about how your knees, hips, or ankles will hold up? If so, take the simple test to the right. Did you circle “YES” for any action? If so, there may be something going on that we can help with. Let’s make this an Injury and Pain Free ski and snowboard season. If you circled “YES” for any of the actions above, call us at 425-820- 2110 and schedule a quick FREE SCREEN with a staff member. We will dis- cuss why those actions caused pain and what options are available to help you succeed on the slopes this year!!

2 Leg Squat

Yes / No

1 Leg Squat

Yes / No

Sincerely, Mike

Go Up/Down a Flight of Stairs Yes / No

PS – Want to know a secret about ski injuries? There is one thing that almost every ski injury has in common. I’ll share this with you during your FREE SCREEN. Call and schedule your FREE SKI and SNOWBOARD INJURY SCREEN today:

Stand on 2 Legs and Rotate Upper Body to Both Sides

Yes / No

Stand on 1 leg and Rotate Upper Body to Both Sides

Call Today! 425-820-2110 .

Yes / No

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