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Being a father has been the best part of my life, and for me, Father’s Day is a day to be grateful for that opportunity. It’s hard to describe the range of emotions that fatherhood requires, but in short, it changes everything. All of a sudden, you have another human being that you’re responsible for. It’s scary and exciting all at once, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve talked a bit about my upbringing in previous newsletters. I came from a broken home, and I was determined right from the start to give my kids a different childhood. I was beyond elated when I found out for the first time that I was going to be a dad, and the day my first daughter was actually born was surreal. It was 1999, and she was born on the same day as the largest full moon on record in like 170 years. I remember just standing outside that night, looking at that once-in-a- lifetime moon, knowing that my life had changed in an instant. My wife and I had gone to the hospital as a pair, and we left as a trio. From day one as a dad, I never wanted to be a father that just let the mom do everything by herself. I wanted to be as involved as possible in taking care of my kids, and I wanted to do everything with them. By the time my first daughter was 6 months old, I had already bought a baby backpack and a jogging stroller so I could take her on adventures. I spent hours with her and with my second daughter, after she was born, pointing out animals along the trail and watching their faces light up at these animals as they saw them for the first time. They made my time outdoors more enjoyable in turn. “MY DAUGHTERS MAY HAVE OUTGROWN A LOT IN THEIR LIVES, BUT I’M GLAD THEY NEVER OUTGREW BEING CLOSE WITH THEIR DAD.”

I’ve always been the sentimental one in my family. As my daughters grew up, I would find myself increasingly

saddened by the fact that my babies would never be a certain age again. The first time I realized they were too big for

me to carry in my arms was heartbreaking. However, I came to realize that every time my

daughters have entered a new stage of life, the new experiences I have had with them has made each phase of fatherhood more exciting than the last. As they grew and developed their own lives, their hopes became my hopes, and their heartaches became my heartaches. It was painful at times, but being there for all of it has been beautiful. Through it all, being a father and raising my daughters has made me a better human. They make me think more about my actions and words than anyone else, and they’re always honest with me — more honest than anyone else I know. They keep me honest, too — I can’t get away with anything when they’re around! My daughters may have outgrown a lot in their lives, but I’m glad they never outgrew being close with their dad.

I’m so grateful I get to be a dad. And to all the fathers out there who feel the same way, happy Father’s Day!

–Perry Shuttlesworth

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