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Did You Know?

approximately 150 million hot dogs are consumed by Americans on the Fourth of July. That’s enough hot dogs to stretch all the way from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles five times! In addition to funding their hot dog eating antics, Americans will spend upwards of $7.1 billion on other cookout expenses to ring in their epic Independence Day celebrations! A DATE MIX-UP Do you remember John Trumball’s 1819 painting depicting all the Founding Fathers and Continental Congress huddled over the Declaration of Independence? While it’s nice to believe all the important men got together in one room to mull over the document and sign it together, that’s not what actually happened. July 4 may mark the day the document was formally dated,

finalized, and adopted, but it wasn’t actually signed until August 2.

RHODE ISLAND IS WHERE IT’S AT! Long before Independence Day was recognized as a national holiday — 85 years prior, in fact — the town of Bristol, Rhode Island started honoring the end of the Revolutionary War in their own way. Starting in 1785, Bristol began celebrating the colonies’ win over the British and were the only people officially celebrating for nearly nine decades! Billed as “America’s Oldest Fourth of July Celebration,” this town will be celebrating America’s 243rd birthday this year!

One of our nation’s most coveted of holidays, Independence Day, takes place this month, and while this is a day filled with energetic water games, delicious barbecue cuisine, and larger-than-life fireworks, for those of us in EMS, this day can mean utter chaos. To give you a break from the burns, eye injuries, and severed- hand-by-firework accidents (yes, this one happens all the time), I figured I’d offer up some interesting Fourth of July fun facts! HOT DOG HEAVEN According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, that’s a thing!),

Learn more about this historic town by visiting

Be safe out there this year! Happy Fourth of July!



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