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750 employees, including a sales force of 35, comprise LDI South, making it one of the largest and fastest-growing independent box makers in the west and southwest. Rapid Growth = More Capacity With growth and ever-growing demand comes the need for more capacity for all LDI South facilities, but es- pecially those in Poway and Fort Worth, the hubs of the network and thus, the “volume” plants that output the most product. Walton says the Poway facility alone con- verts between 50-60 million square feet per month on a family of various machines. “We’ve been able to leverage the capacity of our older equipment, which continues to perform exceptionally, but we need newer, faster machinery with more throughput to handle the type of volume we’re seeing in our hubs,” says Walton. “New machinery will first be installed in Poway or Fort Worth and the machines they replace will be ‘water- falled’ to other plants in our system.” For example, Walton announced that LDI South is in- stalling a 4-color, 37-inch by 95-inch Isowa Falcon flexo folder gluer to replace its Simon and Koppers machines, which will be moved to other plants. The high-speed Iso- wa Falcon, which can kick out 350 pieces a minute and as many as 50,000 on a single shift, will absorb the volume of LDI’s older machines and then some. Isowa Success, Service And Support “We’ve been planning for the installation of the Fal-

The production floor – half dedicated to machinery, half to warehousing – can be seen through large windows on the “observation deck.” “Acquiring Harbor Packaging has been a great oppor- tunity for us, it’s been valuable for LDI, our employees, customers and our management team,” says Walton, who

notes that approximately 100 employees work on three shifts in Poway. Three shifts also run in the Tijuana and Fort Worth operations; two shifts run in Mexicali, and single shifts run in Phoenix, Dallas and Houston. Approximately A bird’s eye view of LDI Poway’s production floor from the ob- servation deck of its facility in Poway, California.



June 6, 2022

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