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machine, like the Isowa, we apply those same principles to keeping them up and running.” Family Values In addition to the company’s focus on innovative ma- chinery operational excellence through its safety-first phi- losophy, employees at LDI quickly learn about the com- pany-wide core values of Caring, Innovation, Trust and

set up times, run speeds, downtime, etc. There are reg- ular meetings at shift changes so crews can “huddle” to maintain communication and understand what’s going on at the machine and in the plant. According to Walton, it’s a clear and simple program that is easy to implement and maintain. To ensure safety, the company also has a Red Tag main- tenance program: any employee in the plant can fill out a red tag and attach it to a machine that needs attention. A copy of the red tag goes to the maintenance department, which then handles the repair. “We found that the program is successful because our employees have a voice in the process. If they say there is a problem with a machine, we address it as soon as possible. It’s a team effort.” Then there is the company’s Operational Excellence initiative, in which 20 or more employees periodically maintain a single machine at once; they clean it, red tag it and do whatever it takes to bring it back to OEM specs, so it performs like new. Then the employees systemati- cally go throughout the plant until all the machines have been maintained and modernized. This allows all employ- ees and operators to learn about every other machine in the plant. Walton says that’s how their Simon and Koppers machines, both 30-plus years old, continue to perform like new. “They may not look like they’re new machines, but they run like they’re new,” he says. “When we buy a new

Excellence. “Other companies have used these words, but they’re taken very seriously here,” says Walton. “Caring, however, is the one value I see most because the Fiterman family truly cares. They care for our customers, they care for our suppliers, and they care for our employees. The results speak for themselves.” And the “Liberty Legacy” upon which Jack Fiterman founded the company 104 years ago lives on.

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June 6, 2022

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