Board Converting News, June 6, 2022

SuperGraphics Installs Durst Rho 312R Plus


SuperGraphics, a Seattle, Washington based large format print company, concluded their search for a faster, more versatile machine with the installation of a Durst Rho 312R Plus. This addition will increase their capacity and produc- tivity, while still providing the highest quality on the market to current and future customers. The Durst Rho 312R Plus is a UV inkjet press with up to 1200 dpi print resolution and is specifically designed to print roll materials up to 10.5-inches wide. The most pro- ductive 3.2m roll-to-roll printer in its class, the Durst Rho 312R defines the quality standard for industrial backlit and fine art printing. It delivers state-of-the-art quality and pro- ductivity and is equipped with Durst Workflow and Durst Analytics software, offering enhanced efficiency. SuperGraphics sees the 312R Plus as a logical exten- sion to its versatile equipment line-up and comes one year after installing a Durst P5 350. Reid Baker, President of SuperGraphics commented, “It’s critical that we have con- sistent quality and reliable uptime in order to meet the challenging lead times that our customers present. With the Durst 312 R, we get the consistent quality and uptime that we need along with the flexibility of a true roll press.” “We are delighted that SuperGraphics has purchased a second printer from Durst. Sometimes it’s necessary to own a Durst to completely understand the value we bring. A year after the install of their P5 350, SuperGraphics com- mitted to the 312, a 3-meter dedicated roll printer and a real workhorse in our portfolio,” said Larry D’Amico, Direc- tor of Sales: LFP and Fabric. “We are confident this is going to bring their business to the next level.” Fujifilm To Partner With Color-Logic On Metallics Effects Solution Fujifilm has confirmed an agreement with Color-Logic Inc. to sell its solution for producing metallic effects, using ei- ther digital toner or analogue printing processes. Whether using silver ink or toner on a white substrate, or printing with white ink or toner on a metallic substrate, the Col- or-Logic System™ color communication system takes into account the printing device, inks, press profile and coat- ings specific to the printer. It also provides designers, brands and convertors with an accurate color communica- tion and print embellishment system to work from. Richard Ainge, CTO, Color-Logic, said, “The color gam- ut and print quality off the press was excellent. Color-Logic is delighted to partner with Fujifilm to bring print embel- lishment to its customers.” Fujifilm will also be making the Color-Logic system available with other Fujifilm print and packaging technolo- gies – both analog and digital. CONTINUED ON PAGE 42


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June 6, 2022

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