Upper restoration

The restoration of Upper

It is opportune and necessary to develop a world- class turf that will serve generations to come. While Upper may appear to serve the needs of the school, it is in fact a deteriorating site. Having never had drainage or irrigation, it is uneven and slippery, and not useable for approximately 10 weeks of the year for sports or teaching activities. In short, the existing site is showing wear and tear, and in its current state, is unsustainable.

With the development of Upper West – our new multi-purpose sports centre, now is the time to restore Upper.

The restoration The cost of restoring Upper is over $1m. To fund this, we will be holding a Giving Day on 24 November. The restoration aims for a high quality irrigation and drainage system, levelling, new post and rope fencing, widening and realignment of paving on the north, east and south sides of the field, and new lighting.

Giving Day – 24 November 2022 All proceeds will go to the restoration of Upper. Who benefits? This facility will be available to College and the wider community.

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