Altitude Physical Therapy September 2018

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At our house, fall is a busy time. My wife, Jill, is a teacher, and she teaches kindergarten to fifth grade as the ESL coordinator at an elementary school. This time of year, she jumps right back into her work with students. She has one of the most important roles there is in education — helping kids use language. Many of the students she works with are first or second generation Americans, and she’s helping them learn what they need to know to attain the American dream. She has a huge impact on these kids, and I am constantly impressed with what Jill does. It wasn’t that long ago that I had a teacher who had that kind of impact on me. Dr. Cullen was my high school chemistry teacher, and he was hilarious, energetic, nerdy, and incredibly challenging. He had very high expectations for

his students. You knew that if you got an A in Dr. Cullen’s class, you’d earned it. His enthusiasm and determination to share his knowledge with us influenced my decision to pursue a career in the sciences. I’m so grateful to have had a teacher like him — and I’m not the only one. At our 20-year class reunion, we presented Dr. Cullen with an award for being the most impactful teacher for our graduating class. It just goes to show that teachers do have a lifelong impact on their students. People like Jill and Dr. Cullen help students rise above their own and others’ expectations for them and help them reach their full potential. It’s such an important role. To all of our teachers out there, thank you for what you do to educate young minds. You are doing the hard work, and we appreciate you.

In addition to the school year starting, this time of year also brings the excitement of football season in the valley. As with any sport, I’d always rather be playing than watching, but I do enjoy college football. I love the blue and orange, but as an alumnus, BYU is my team. I cheer for the Broncos at every game except when they play BYU. As fall sports start back up, I think about the lifelong lessons that sports teach us. There are so many benefits of being part of a team: camaraderie, strength, teamwork, etc. With all the excitement and adrenaline of the big game ahead, it can be a good time to check in with your athlete and see how they’re feeling, mentally and physically. If it’s their first season back after an injury, be there for them and let them know it’s okay to ease back into their sport. They’ll have to be patient with themselves as they get back to full speed, and taking it slow initially can help them avoid disrupting the recovery process. Overuse injuries are some of the most common ones we see in athletes, so if they are having aches or pains, encourage them to scale back a bit and give us a call. We know they’re so excited to get back to the game, and the best way they can do that is to make sure they’re ready — physically and mentally. That will help them have a great start to their season. Which fall sports are you most excited for? I hope you get to enjoy a few games during the cooler fall weather!

–Sean Weatherston

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