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An Ice Start My Summer Job

Turns out there was an artful way to pack the ice cream, using a flat blade to scrape off the top of the mound so the lid would create a uniform surface. I’d been packing quarts wrong the whole time, and it was brought to light very publicly. It was a good but embarrassing way to learn as a young man that I did not, in fact, know everything. I left that day with a greater sense of humility — and the free quart of ice cream.

Well, we’re

“There were a lot of valuable lessons I learned during those summers, not all of them sweet.”

getting to the tail end of summer, though you couldn’t tell with all this heat! I’m very lucky to have a job that keeps me indoors most days, or I’d be going through quite a lot of sunscreen. As much as I love being a

lawyer and serving my clients’ needs, I have to admit that I sometimes miss the summer job I had when I was a kid.

More than anything, that job taught me the dignity and honor in hard work. To this day, I empathize with the people I meet in the food service industry and strive to treat them with respect. Everybody starts somewhere, and a lot of valuable lessons can be learned from behind a cash register. Looking back, I am extremely grateful for those experiences that helped make my work ethic what it is today. Some people ask me if working at Baskin Robbins made me sick of ice cream. No! If anything, I’m even more of an ice cream lover today than I was back then! If I get a bowl of Moose Tracks on a summer’s day, I am in heaven. The irony is that only one person in my family shares my passion for the stuff. My wife has never had a sweet tooth, and out of all four kids, only Zach, our youngest, gets excited for ice cream. The rest of the kids can take it or leave it, which would be great news for most parents. Maybe there’s a bright side to being one of the only ice cream lovers in the house — it leaves more for me!

You see, I worked at Baskin Robbins to make a little money in high school. At a time when I didn’t even have air conditioning in my car, the job kept me inside on hot Arizona days. To sweeten the deal, the whole room smelled like two of my favorite things in the world: ice cream and waffle cones. Best of all, I got scoops for free. That ice cream parlor was an absolute dream job. Not only did I get to indulge my passion for the dessert, I also got my first real introduction to the workforce. There were a lot of valuable lessons I learned during those summers, not all of them sweet. While serving up scoops, I learned how to interact with customers, be a team player, and leave my ego at the door. This last one was a bit difficult to swallow at first. I remember it like it was yesterday. The owner was showing some new recruits some basic skills and wanted a volunteer to show them how to pack a quart. I eagerly stepped forward (after all, the volunteer got to take the quart home with them). Confidently, I piled scoop after scoop into the container, eager to show my experience. When I looked up from my assembled bucket of ice cream, the owner was frowning. “No,” he said. “You did it wrong.”

Here’s to a sweet end of the summer,



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