Drug abuse

a prime target

of O.P.P. detachment

park, a trouble spot located a stone’s throw

from the O.P.P. station. The pushers have


since moved on, to the nearby school, the

mayor said.

An old problem – drug abuse – will be

Drugabusewill continue tobe aproblem

oneof theprime targetsof thenewheadof

in Prescott-Russell and Stormont-Dundas-

the Prescott County Ontario Provincial

Glengarry, according to the Addiction

Police detachment.

Services of Eastern Ontario agency. The

Illicit substance use is a prime cause of


criminal activityacross theprovince, noted

in the five eastern counties will rise by eight

Inspector BryanMacKillopduring a recent

per cent over the next 20 years, with

presentation to Hawkesbury council.

Hawkesbury experiencing the greatest

“Drugs are one of the major

increase at 18 per cent, the agency projects.

preoccupations of the detachment and that


will be reflected in our activities over the

identifiedby thePoliceServicesBoardas the

next year,” he said.


prime concern while the town underlined

Drug use, particularly among young

loitering downtown, shoplifting and a need

people, has been mentioned by voters as

for more information as issues.


being a serious problem in town, observed

The CrownAttorney’s Officementioned

MayorRenéBerthiaume.During lastyear’s

domestic violence as one of its top concern.

Federal Liberals begin

election campaign, parents were worried

In the detachment’s 2012 business plan,

that children in grades 6, 7 and 8 being


harassed by drug sellers. The most

consultations; do more what matters most

vulnerable need to be protected, added the


to our communities; more responsive,


communicate initiatives effectively; better

The town has installed surveillance

integration into the community.”

said the new president, Connor Quinn. To

cameras and improved lightingat the skate

MacKillop reiterated the need to foster



kick off their political activities, Liberals in

closer relations with the public.

GPR, including newly electedM.P.P. Grant

“We need to tear down silos,” he

“It is one thing to

Crack, participated in a “party rebuilding”

remarked. “It is one thing to talk to the

After losing the last two federal

exercise in order to gather opinions on how

community; it isanother to listen towhat the

talk to the

election campaigns, the federal Liberal

local residents envisage the party’s future.

community has to say,” MacKillop

association of Glengarry-Prescott-

Bysplittingupintoworkinggroups, over30

commented. “You will be seeing a lot more

community; it is

Russell is planning for another attempt

Liberals answeredquestions such as “What

ofme andmyofficers in the community.We

at regaining the seat in what was once

values define you as a Liberal” and “What

are your detachment; our officers are

another to listen to

considered a Grit riding.

should the Liberal Party do that it is not

members of the community.

Since the last election in the spring,

currently doing?”

He added that he hopes to introduce a

what the community

Liberal supporters have been busy

A collection of answers included

youth engagement strategy and to use the

preparing for their party’s rejuvenation,

“advocating for individual freedoms” and

town’s web page to improve

has to say.”

electing a new executive committee, and



getting ready for a transition.“Less than

for policy-making: bottom-up model.”

twomonthsafter theelectionresultswere

Julie Bourgeois, the Liberal candidate in

Jouets éducatifs Pour tous!

out last May, the Liberals in GPR got


together and elected a new executive


committee to propel it into the ensuing

jump back on boardwith this new group of

period. The new body of volunteers acts

dedicated workers any day of the week,”

as the nucleus of Liberal activity in GPR,

said Bourgeois.

and is now constructed of several young

“However, after spending two years as a

Nouveau à Lachute OUVERT 7 JOURS

andfreshfaces. Thecommitteehopesthat

nominee and candidate, I owe my family

a strong combinationof junior and senior

some quality time now. I wish them all the

members will result in a well-balanced

luck in the world.” The association says:

and productive group,” the association

“Her decision was disappointing to those

says. “It will take hard work and

who worked closely with her, but the

dedication to bring this riding back to the

executive is fully prepared to find a strong

middle of the political spectrum, away

485-A, rue Principale, Lachute 450 409-1676


from Harper’s western Conservatism,”

their vote.”

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