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We’ve waited three long months for a reprieve from the sweltering heat. During those months, we took time to enjoy everything summer has to offer, but in the hottest moments, I daydreamed about that sweet spot in the late fall and early winter when the weather is perfect. Patiently, we all waited for that season to arrive.

The Saints’ prospects are interesting to say the least. For the last several seasons, we’ve been stuck in a 7-9 rut, but that was all without the most prolific running back in the country. If anyone can help us turn that around, it’s Adrian Peterson, and I hope he and Drew Brees can create an offense that competes with our early opponents, like the defending champion, the Patriots.

In September, we’ll realize that we have to wait a little longer. The average high temperature in these

Locally, our community comes together as we see the Warriors of Oakdale suit up and take to the field. Whether we compete

parts is 88 degrees, and even in the early morning, it rarely dips past 70. During that time of the day, when I’m approaching the doors to the office, a light breeze goes a long way. Many of us spend the best time of the day asleep or in the office.

in the division or go home empty- handed, it’s wonderful to live in a community that supports our boys so well. People who don’t live in the South don’t

understand what a huge role high school football plays in our community camaraderie.

When I think about September, it’s impossible not to think about football season. We live in a place with a rich legacy of football — locally, collegiately, and nationally.

Next month, we’ll see the weather turn cooler, and our triple-header of holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah or Christmas — will begin. For now, we’ll rest in memory of the sweltering heat of the past and all the good things to come.

It looks like Ed Orgeron has put together a great team this year

over at LSU. Bleacher Report called our running back, Derrius Guice, and our top defensive lineman, Arden Key, “human highlight reels.” That’s high praise, and I’ve looked forward all year to seeing them take to the

Wishing you a cool and lovely September,

gridiron. With playmakers like that, I think of how sweet it would be for them to take down Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. It’s been too long since we’ve won in Tuscaloosa.

– J. Cra ig Jon e s a nd Cra ig Ra y Hill


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