Broken Windows, Broken Business By Michael Levine

When running a business, the devil’s in the details. One minor missed opportunity might seem

innocuous until you consider the “broken

windows theory” of social psychology. Studies show

January 2018 As Michael Levin stresses in his book Broken Windows, Broken Business , this domino effect applies to your business as well. Read it in order to draw on detail- obsessive strategies from companies like Google and JetBlue and take control of every aspect of your company. that if a single broken window in a building is left unrepaired, eventually all the windows will be shattered, leading to a progressively negative perception of the neighborhood.

Why Hiring The Cheapest Computer Support Company Will Actually Cost You More

As anybody working in IT will tell you, the most common question we get isn’t, “Why is my computer running so slowly?” or “Why is my Internet not working?” It’s “What do you charge for your services?” With so many IT companies clamoring for your attention, it makes sense that you’d want to look for the most inexpensive, cost-efficient option, right? The problem is that this question doesn’t get to the heart of the issue. Sure, any IT company can offer rock-bottom prices, but as with anything else, those savings are going to come with diminished, lower quality IT services and much, much slower response times. Not to mention the fact that while many cheaper options claim to be inexpensive, most of these won’t hesitate to

nickel and dime you on everything down the road.

For these reasons and more, instead of asking about price right off the bat, the better question is, “What will I get for my money?” With cheapo IT companies, the answer is, not much. Maybe they’ll be there when the server breaks down or if Microsoft Word is acting weird on your computer. But you can bet they won’t help you implement technological systems that will prevent real, catastrophic issues from arising — the kinds of things that determine the success or failure of a company at the most basic level.

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