InvestIN Summer Careers Challenge

& Looking ahead

So, what comes next? How will you use your new-found skills and experiences to take you even further? Below are a few more tips and resources to see you through the next year and beyond. Don't forget to submit your journal for the chance to win a voucher and access to AmbitionX, our cutting-edge online careers platform! NETWORK REFLECT

The relationships you build to benefit your career all come together to form your professional network. By asking others about their career journey this summer you have already begun to network. These contacts can help you develop your skills, gain experience, or even advance further in your industry. It is widely known that only 40% of jobs are actually advertised, because employers often go directly to their network to offer opportunities to those they know and trust.

Use the reflection page to ensure you are clear on everything you have learned and your personal achievements. Once you have done this, make sure you are compiling all that information into one place. Add relevant experience to your CV and think carefully about how you can refer to what you have learned or practiced in future interviews to justify the skills you have. It can be nerve-wracking approaching potential contacts, but remember everyone has once been in the same position as you. If they don't have the time to help you, stay positive and don’t take it personally! You can always ask them if they know someone else who might be able to help. STAY CONFIDENT


There are lots of ways you can continue to expand your network. If you are old enough, create a LinkedIn profile and connect with professionals in your industry. Alternatively, you could try speaking to more family and friends or emailing local businesses!

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Resources for getting motivated and aiming high:

Who Says You Can't? You Do - Daniel Chidiac

Advice to My Younger Me - Sara Holtz

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