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November 2017

Holiday Traditions How Thanksgiving Celebrations Have Evolved During My Lifetime

W hen I was young, my family included my mom, dad, stepdad, brother, grandma, and me. We cooked the traditional turkey dinner, and we played cards before and after we enjoyed our meal. Since my parents were musicians, there was always music, singing, and dancing in the living room. One traditional dish my grandma prepared every year was cranberry relish. There was never a Thanksgiving without that dish. Another family tradition, which I hated, was watching the Detroit Lions play football. Back then, I absolutely despised football, so I was definitely not a fan of the Lions. Eventually the sport grew on me, and now I can watch football without feeling a childlike sense of irritation. My favorite memories of Thanksgiving are from my celebrations with my own kids. Every year, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner, and I still host today, even though my kids are all grown celebrated a small Thanksgiving. Back then, our gathering

I like to express gratitude verbally. I tell my family how much I love them, and I like to send unprompted words of encouragement over text. I think it’s so important to let your kids know how much they mean to you, and I think one of the best ways to do that is to send them a message just letting them know you’re thinking about them. To show my employees how much I appreciate them, I throw celebrations for their birthdays and for big wins in the office. A couple months ago we hosted the Run in Color, and I am so appreciative of how much hard work and dedication my employees put into our event. I am thankful for my family, my career, and my ability to help those in need. I am also thankful that I have a job that allows me to pursue projects I am passionate about and that make me happy — like working in the theater — and that I get to work with other local entrepreneurs and businesses. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we will see you soon. “My favorite memories of Thanksgiving are from my celebrations with my own kids.”

up. As they grew, my kids developed a love of board games, so we play Pictionary and other games after we eat turkey dinner. We also take a picture down at the waterfront each year to document the celebration. Since we live in Washington, my kids are natural Seahawks fans, and they don’t care to watch the Lions play on Thanksgiving — thank goodness! This year, I will host Thanksgiving at my house like usual, but this time, my daughter’s husband will be joining us! We are very excited to have him. I love having the whole family together for Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping that I can talk my eldest son into hosting next year, just to switch it up.

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