The availability of this intelligence helped us to better address areas of opportunities and, through programs and interventions, make needed adjustments. This was done in three phases. With each cohort, we first examined our diversity data from an equity view: how we recruit, retain, advance and at what points. And then from an inclusion view: how does the culture affect cohorts in the corporate office, DC and field? Next, we examined our leadership commitment and communication in each area. Armed with that level of analytics, our DEI agenda started to make significant inroads in 2021. EMPOWERING OUR TEAM MEMBER NETWORKS Team member networks allow team members to connect with colleagues and share ideas, and they help increase cultural fluency across the company. In 2021, we rebranded our team member network program to broaden its reach and enable greater participation in planned activities regardless of location or role. We started by moving team member networks away from chapter models and into centralized groups with chairs at a VP+ level and VP allies to advise from different parts of the business. Next, we established a quarterly cadence of meetings to keep members informed and engaged. And finally, we launched a software platform that features all team member network events and engagement opportunities in a single location accessible by all team members. Using this platform, team members across geographies and roles can join any, or all, of our seven team member networks, register and attend team member network events, read and comment on the latest diversity-related articles and access tutorial videos and user manuals to learn more about the platform. Participation in team member networks has increased by 300 percent, with new members joining daily.

ADVANCE PRIDE AND ALLIES NETWORK Fosters visibility and growth for its members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community

AFRICAN AMERICAN LEADING INCLUSION & GROWTH NETWORK Is focused on the professional growth of its members and strives to build competencies through networking, exposure and opportunity

THE ADVANCE FOR DIFFERENT ABILITIES NETWORK Is a nationwide forum for team members and customers aspiring to further education and activation in support of our focus around different ability inclusion

FOSTERING UNITY, ENGAGEMENT, GROWTH & OPPORTUNITIES LATINO NETWORK Creates opportunities for our team members, customers and communities by celebrating the Hispanic/Latino culture

INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES NETWORK Serves as a liason between Asian and non-Asian team members, customers and communities to promote a culture of inclusivity, compassion and mutual respect

SERVE, EDUCATE, RECRUIT, VALUE, INSPIRE, CELEBRATE & EMPOWER NETWORK Is a community of veteran team members, their families and people with a passion for their country’s service members

THE WOMEN IN MOTION NETWORK Is a community that creates opportunities for the Women of Advance to grow professionally in an inclusive environment







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