BOARD REFRESHMENT AND RECRUITMENT Four of our directors have joined our Board within the past three years. We believe the Board benefits from a balance of newer directors, who bring fresh perspectives, and longer serving directors, who have contributed to our strategy over time and have deep understanding of our operations. As we consider candidates for new directors, our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee has primary responsibility for overseeing any searches and evaluating qualified individuals to become director nominees, including individuals identified and presented by our shareholders in accordance with the rights afforded them in our Bylaws. In 2021, we added one new director, who brought significant digital marketing expertise and enhanced gender and racial/ethnic diversity on the Board.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS COMPOSITION With the exception of our CEO, all our directors are independent from management. Each of our directors bring to our Board skills, experiences and characteristics relevant to the effective oversight for the execution of our transformation agenda and creation of long-term value. We continually assess the composition of the Board, including its size and the diversity, skills and experiences of our directors, to ensure continued alignment with the strategic direction of the company.

“I’m a gear head,” Sherice Torres proudly professes. From an early age, Sherice’s father introduced her to all things automotive. In fact, she can distinguish the make of a car simply by the sound of its motor. Her passion for cars is something Sherice shares with her husband, who for 30-plus years has owned his own automotive detailing business. Beyond industry knowledge, Sherice brings something even more important to her role as an AAP board member; nearly 30 years of experience as a senior executive in marketing and change management. She honed her craft in the historically male-dominated tech industry, no easy feat for someone who admits she stood out, both in her appearance and skillset. “I might look different, but I brought new skills to the table and I knew I could contribute,” she remarks. And contribute she did. Sherice was recently appointed chief marketing officer at Circle Financial, a global internet finance firm that provides payments and financial infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. There, she will use her marketing and branding experience to help accelerate global digital currency adoption and improve financial inclusion, including the removal of barriers to financial services. Sherice joined the AAP board because she sees tremendous promise for the automotive aftermarket, and Advance, in particular. To Advance’s 68,000+ team members, she offers this advice: “Continue to seek feedback as it will help you grow, but don’t let others define what you are capable of or place limits around your potential. Great companies rely on a variety of skill sets, backgrounds and perspectives to drive results. There’s room for everyone to make an impact.” WELCOMING SHERICE TORRES AS A BOARD MEMBER IN 2021







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