IGU 2022 Oct - Dec 22Edition FINAL

Indian Gaming Association joins Arizona Tribes and Phoenix Suns Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Chairman Stevens shared, “This recognition of the Arizona tribal leadership by the Phoenix Suns organization was such a great recognition of Indian country and Native American Heritage Month. It set the stage for others to follow. Still, most importantly, at its core, this recognition is part of the greater acknowledgment of Native American Heritage month as an opportunity to educate American citizens about the First peoples of this continent and tell the story of our traditions,

On Wednesday, in celebrating Native American Heritage month, Indian Gaming Association leadership joined the Arizona Tribes and the Phoenix Suns at the Footprint Center in unveiling the basketball organization’s recognition of the Arizona tribes. The tribute included presenting their native-influenced jerseys and an overall game celebration from the culture with the National anthem and tribal traditional dancers, and half-time recognition of the 22 tribes in Arizona by introducing the leadership of each tribe.

culture, and contributions to world history. This is truly what Native American Heritage Month stands for, educating, showing respect, and working together through advocacy, recognition, and celebration.”


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