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PRESIDENT BIDEN HOSTS FIRST TRIBAL NATIONS SUMMIT Pledges continuation of Executive Consultation with Indian Nations on the Final Day of Native American Heritage Month American Heritage Month

working in D.C. for the Federal Government. “The work and relationships forged by Tribal Leaders this week in the Nation’s Capital is a continuation of the work by those early Indian warriors who came to D.C. to establish a more comprehensive government to government relationship between Tribes and the Federal Government. They laid the foundation of tribal self-determination and economic development free from the heavy hand of B.I.A. and Department of Interior. Tribal Leaders should be proud that this legacy continues to endure and that the Biden Administration recognizes the importance of meeting and constructively consulting with Tribal Governments.” Chairman Stevens introduced Holly Cook Macarro who recounted her Uncle Lee Cook’s early days working for the B.I.A. in the 1970’s under the Nixon Administration. Lee Cook came to D.C. with a group of young Native professionals with the intent of improving the services and changing the relationship the B.I.A. had with Indian Tribes. He worked for the iconic B.I.A. Commissioner at the time Louis Bruce, a Mohawk tribal citizen, along with Chairman Stevens father, Ernie Stevens Sr and the rest of the team. Lee Cook and Ernie Stevens Sr., helped to produce new regulations and policies that treated Tribes as co-sovereigns and improved the communication and dialogue with Tribal Governments. Current Oglala Sioux President and former South Dakota State Senator, Kevin Killer was introduced to the assembled Tribal Leaders. Chairman Stevens provided President Killer with a gift for his service to his State and Tribal Nation, as well as representing all of Indian Country. Kevin spoke to the Tribal Leaders and recounted how his father Francis Killer, a certified CPA and auditor, helped not only the Indian Gaming Association establish itself in D.C., but other Tribal Organizations as well. The first IGA Chairman, the

On the final day of Native American Heritage Month and with more than 500 American Indian and Alaska Native leaders in attendance, President Joseph Biden hosted the first ‘in-person’ Tribal Nations Summit in over four (4) years. Officially the “White House Tribal Nations Summit” it is being held today and December 1st, 2022, at the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C. This year’s Summit is to build and review the goals and issues from the 2021 Virtual Summit. All Federal Agency Leaders are meeting with Tribal Leaders to review the progress made under the Biden-Harris Administration to strengthen our Nation-to-Nation relationships and discuss the use of Tribal and Federal resources to strengthen our Native communities. As echoed in the President’s remarks to assembled Tribal Leaders, “the Biden-Harris Administration is deeply committed to honoring its trust and treaty responsibilities to federally recognized Tribes, and this Summit provides an opportunity for Tribal leaders to engage directly with officials in the highest levels of the Administration.” In the evening after the first day of the Summit, Tribal Leaders from across the Country congregated at the Indian Gaming Association’s Headquarters building on Capitol Hill. Chairman Ernie Stevens Jr., held a touching and moving Tribal Leaders Reception celebrating the last day of Native American Heritage Month. Chairman Stevens remarked on the parallels of this year’s Summit with the work passed on from our early Tribal Leaders


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