IGU 2022 Oct - Dec 22Edition FINAL

The following Chairman’s Leadership Award was presented to Michael Fairbanks, Chairman of the White Earth Nation in Minnesota. Stevens shared that Chairman Fairbanks is a long-time close friend. The friendship comes from their years on the Indian basketball tournament circuits and the traditional Pow-Wow world. He shared, “Chairman Fairbanks has my utmost respect. He has tremendous responsibilities on behalf of the White Earth Nation but is also a strong resounding force for all of Indian Country.” Stevens also recognized George Rivera, a former governor of Pojoaque Pueblo. Stevens shared, “George has spent thirty years in government and leadership, and throughout that tenure, he never left his art because his art has driven him, and it was always a part is his leadership.” Stevens then recognized Rebecca George, Executive Director of the Washington Gaming Association (WIGA), with the Chairman’s Leadership Award. Stevens told the audience that George was a protege turned experienced veteran. He said, “Rebecca George is an example of one of our gaming professionals in leadership who have grown with the industry.” Stevens also shared, “WIGA is a titan in this fight and an organization made up of leaders who have worked hard in fighting to protect tribal sovereignty.” The final Chairman’s Leadership Award was presented to Mark Woommavovah, Chairman of the Comanche Nation in Oklahoma. Stevens said, “I want to say that the responsibility that Chairman Woommavovah has in the world of leadership is immense. We wanted to recognize this tribal chairman for the work that he’s doing not only for the Comanche Nation but all Indian country.” Chairman Woommavovah shared his recognition by bringing the entire Comanche Nation Gaming leadership to join him on stage to accept his leadership award.


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