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Samaha Associates, PC has been offering exceptional design service in the Washington DC metro area for over 60 years. They are a recognized leader in the region for Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning Services. Samaha began working with M3 in late 3rd quarter of 2017. M3 was asked to provide a managed service plan to maintain their current in-house infrastructure and provide recommendations for future projects. Since then M3 has documented the infrastructure, setup a business continuity plan, and have scheduled on-sites visits to accommodate Samaha’s needs.

Natural Disasters Can Destroy, But Your Data Is Safe If It’s In The Cloud

For information about Samaha Associates, PC, contact Paul Falkenbury or Tom Lee at 703-691- 3311.

November 2017

of the wreckage in the news after the hurricanes departed, the physical damage caused by the storm is obvious. What’s less obvious is the effect these storms have on the futures of the survivors, the reverberating impact that cuts thousands of life plans short and forces individuals to completely change their course in a cruel reversal of fate. “Forty percent of small businesses don’t survive these events,” said Russel Honore, the previous Joint Task Force Commander for Hurricane Katrina. The electrical grid is knocked out for days, and businesses are forced to close the office for what they hope is a temporary period due to flooding.

This past hurricane season has brought some of the most harrowing, widespread destruction the southeastern United States has ever been forced to weather. But, despite the enormous, tragic cost of these natural disasters, the people of these communities persevere. In the wake of widespread wind damage and flooding, communities have banded together. Thousands of volunteers and neighbors are working as one to rebuild and find the way forward. There is no doubt, however, that the havoc wreaked by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will produce aftershocks that will echo through affected areas for decades.

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To anyone who turtled up in their attic in the middle of the storm or just saw a picture

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