L E N S & F R A M E T E C H . • P 0 4

P 1 8 • L E N S R E F E R E N C E S

R X S H I E L D T E C H . • P 2 2

P 2 6 • P E R F O R M A N C E

O U T D O O R • P 3 6

P 5 8 • L I F E S T Y L E

B O L L É S P O R T P R O T E C T I V E • P 7 8

P 7 8 • R A N G E O V E R V I E W


1888. In France’s Jura region, a small company was taking its first steps towards establishing what would become a leading brand

in outdoor and winter sports gear. From combs to eyewear, and then pioneering in the ski goggle business, Bollé continues to equip the most

accomplished athletes who have come to rely on the style and performance of the brand’s products. Bollé’s know-how covers a wide variety

of sports (Alpine Skiing, Cycling, Golf, Sailing...) and the brand’s expertise has marked the industry’s history with several revolutionary patents.

As a key benchmark in the eyewear industry for the quality and the performance of its products, Bollé’s skill was first and foremost to

master the design not only of sunglasses, but of era-defining eyewear. From the ground up, Séraphin Bollé and then Georges Bollé created

unforgettable lifestyle sunglasses designs such as the famous cat-eye nylon model, a must-have accessory of top celebrities of the period.

130 years of craftsmanship and trend-setting have given Bollé its enviable position today. The brand’s inspiration and history shine through

today’s summer and winter collections, along with a tenacity that has helped it rise step-by-step with unerring commitment to innovation,

creativity and quality.

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