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At the end of August, when Jill and I boarded our plane to Oahu for a weeklong cruise of the Hawaiian islands, Hurricane Harvey was just a blip off the Coast of West Africa. By the time we were ending the final leg of our trip, Harvey had turned into a real monster, dumping between 40 and 50 inches of rain on the Greater Houston area …

When our good friends, Doug and Laura Savant, got wind that we were stuck, they rolled out the red carpet, and we had an amazing

four days in LA. We listened to the LA

Symphonic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl. We visited Beverley Hills, Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Theatre.

Coach & Jill taking in some sites while beached in LA

Our four days in LA turned into an

absolutely terrific cap to our vacation, and it

was so wonderful to spend an extended time with our incredible friends, the Savants. This wasn’t so much of turning lemons into lemonade as it was simply blossoming where you are planted.

Harvey’s initial predicted path

We returned home to a damp but intact Ranch, and three days later, we actually pulled off an incredible Labor Day camp.

Thanks to all of you who checked on us, sending your notes, calls, thoughts, and prayers. It was a blessing to have such good friends, incredible staff, and such great fortune to have missed most of the carnage of Harvey. We realize so many

Our Labor Day camp was a big success.

Houston after Harvey’s visit

Our nonstop flight from Honolulu to Houston was delayed six hours. We finally departed and got as far as LAX when the pilot came on and told us that IAH was closed until further notice and that we were being redirected to Los Angeles. For four days, Jill and I were beached in LA. First of all, Los Angeles is not a bad place to be stranded, considering our staff and their families were dealing with the torrential rains back home.

people lost homes and businesses. Harvey was a horrific event, but we are so proud of our Texas neighbors. Stories of neighbors helping neighbors will be retold for years.

– Ron Wolforth


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