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Raising kids can be a challenging endeavor. When Heather and I were married in 2013, Heather agreed to take on not only a husband but two boys, Andrew, 12, and Chandler, 11. The boys are now 18 and 19 years old and face growing up in a world very different than the one Heather and I knew when we were teenagers. We are far from perfect parents but we do our best. Our newsletter chronicles some of our successes and some of our less than stellar moments. We hope you can learn from some of our failures and find some entertainment in the moments we share. Our sons Andrew and Chandler could not be more different when it comes to spending money! Andrew left for college in Dillon, Montana, with savings from his summer job. He returned from Christmas break and was somehow able to limit his spending to less than $1,000 for the entire semester. To save money, he ate nearly every meal at the cafeteria, stayed in the dormitory, and watched every penny. At the same time, Chandler, our high school senior, received more packages from Amazon in three months than I have in my entire life. Although he stayed at home, he spent more than twice what Andrew spent away at college. I have not always had the greatest relationship with money. The entire topic makes me uncomfortable and has caused more discord than almost anything in my life. In our society, money is equated with prestige. We need to keep up with the Joneses and show off how much we can earn. Dealing with this important topic is a lot like talking about underage drinking. It can feel like you are being a hypocrite: Do as I say and not as I do! Andrew and Chandler have both had jobs since they were 15 years old. For Andrew, it was a downtown Bozeman bagel shop, and for Chandler, it was Wendy’s. Unlike many of their classmates, we made certain the boys knew that money came from work and not from their parents. However, managing money properly and having a healthy relationship with money can be more challenging. I have always been impressed with Dave Ramsey’s straight-forward approach to managing personal finances. On his website, he lists 10 things teens waste money on:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Trendy clothes and shoes

Fast food, vending machines, and coffee

Smartphones and apps

School dances

Spring break trips Cars and accessories

Video games and consoles

Concert tickets

9. Expensive dates 10. One-click online spending

This isn’t to say your kids shouldn’t participate in big high school moments or enjoy something fun every now and then with their spending money, but learning early to budget and save money is important. (If you want to check out the full article yourself for more money tips for your kids, you can find it at things-teens-waste-money-on.) The teenage years are great practice for adulthood because it is a time when kids can make mistakes with finances without putting themselves in a huge bind. It is our goal to have more conversations about money than we may have had in the past. We want to encourage our saver to feel better about spending a few bucks and to discuss with our spender the need to budget this month’s paycheck rather than send it to Amazon. Money is and always will be a difficult topic to discuss with your kids. We hope to get better at it ourselves.

- Lucas Foust

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A ‘SILVER’ BULLET Attorneys General Stand Firm Against Snake Oil

Jim Bakker dominated headlines in the late 1980s with his legal troubles, and now the televangelist is facing a new lawsuit in 2020. The original story of Bakker’s fall begins on a TV set. Bakker and his wife at the time, Tammy Faye Messner, hosted the popular evangelical talk show“The PTL Club” from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s. However, their reign came crashing down when Bakker resigned after being accused of offering money to church secretary Jessica Hahn to cover up rape allegations. Bakker was later convicted of scamming thousands of viewers out of millions of dollars, and he spent several years in prison. Today, Bakker hosts “The Jim Bakker Show” and leads Morningside Church in Missouri. While freedom of religion is protected in the U.S., a recent promotion on Bakker’s show caught the attention of attorneys nationwide.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic found its way to the U.S., many people stocked up on emergency medical supplies. For some, this meant purchasing colloidal silver “cures” that were promised to kill the virus. Supplements, pills, and oils with no scientific evidence of their efficacy were sold to consumers until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent cease-and-desist orders to seven manufacturers in March 2020. One such product involved was Sherrill Sellman’s Silver Solution. Sellman, a self- described naturopathic doctor and mind- body psychologist who appeared on Bakker’s show on Feb. 12, proclaimed Silver Solution is a cure for the coronavirus. Bakker promoted the product and later sold it through his website. The Missouri and New York attorneys general caught wind of this scheme and immediately filed cease-and-desist orders, and even a

lawsuit, against Bakker. NPR explains that Bakker and his church are in violation of state laws by “falsely promising consumers that Silver Solution can cure, eliminate, kill, or deactivate coronavirus.” Bakker stopped selling Silver Solution in mid- March 2020. Even as the lawsuit continues to move through the court system, the message is clear: The justice system is cracking down on the sale of snake oil.

BRINGTHEWATER PARKTOYOUR FAMILY! 3 Ways to Have Fun in the Sun at Home

Summer is finally here, and if you have kids at home, then that means their constant needling about a trip to the pool or water park probably started already! Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the water park to have a great time cooling down this month — you can bring the water park to you! Design a homemade water slide. If you have a big plastic tarp, a garden hose, stakes, and dish soap, then you have the makings of a great water slide. Simply spread out the tarp (on an incline if possible), secure it with the stakes, then arrange the hose at the top of the “slide” so water pours down. Add some soap

for bubbles and extra slipperiness, then you’re good to go — just encourage the kids to take a running start. If you want an option that requires less assembly, purchase a Slip ‘N Slide kit at pretty much any big-box store or Amazon. Host a water balloon challenge. Huge packs of water balloons are easy to find online or at your local dollar store and can supply hours of fun for a few bucks. If your family is big enough for a full-scale water balloon fight, fill as many balloons as you can get your hands on and plan out a full list of games, like duck, duck, splash (the “goose” gets a wet head); capture the water balloon (instead of pulling flags, get soaked); or a water balloon spoon race (the first person to cross the finish line with an intact balloon wins). Check out or for more ideas or keep it simple and host a water balloon dodgeball free-for-all. Whip up some park treats. Are your kids big fans of funnel cakes, Dippin’ Dots, or that signature water park burger or pizza? If favorite treats are integral to the water park experience, then try turning your kitchen into a snack kiosk! Stock up on popsicles and burger fixings or attempt The Gracious Pantry’s healthy homemade Dippin’ Dots or Live Well Bake Often’s homemade funnel cakes.

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Glazed Goodness


Get ready to treat yourself because June 5 is National Doughnut Day! Contrary to popular belief, National Doughnut Day wasn’t created as an excuse for Americans to eat more doughnuts. The celebration was

nutmeg, cinnamon, and lemon rind for her son and his crew. She would put hazelnuts or walnuts in the center of the pastry where the dough might not cook through, so she called her creation “doughnuts.”

actually started by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor “Doughnut Lassies,” the women who served doughnuts to soldiers on the front lines during WorldWar I.

Handon Gregory also gets some credit for making doughnuts recognizable: He was the one who first put the hole in the doughnuts, though the exact reason is unclear. Some say it was to use fewer ingredients, while others suggest he created the hole by accident after skewering the

The Salvation Army still celebrates National Doughnut Day by delivering doughnuts to veterans across the country. The earliest version of the doughnut is believed to have come to North America with Dutch settlers in the 17th century. The Dutch brought with them balls of fried, sweetened dough called olykoeks , which translates to “oily cakes.”Though they were tasty, we don’t think many people would be eager to pick up a dozen oily cakes for the office.

pastry on the spokes of the ship’s wheel when he needed to steer with both hands during a storm. Whatever the reason, that hole is still part of a classic doughnut to this day.

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Doughnut Day. Recognize the history of the holiday by donating to the Salvation Army or by sending a box of doughnuts to a veteran in your life. You can also order from your favorite local doughnut shop or fry up some homemade doughnuts with your family. There’s a pretty

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the word “doughnut”was coined in the 19th century by a woman named Elizabeth Gregory. Her son, Handon Gregory, was a New England ship captain. She began making deep-fried dough treats with

great recipe at homemade-glazed-doughnuts.

Take a Break!


Inspired by

Bacon may be a paleo favorite for breakfast, but this hearty sausage meal can be enjoyed any time of day and is the perfect way to mix things up!


• • • • • •

3 tbsp coconut oil

1 lb mild Italian sausage

1 medium sweet potato, peeled and grated

4 green onions, diced

10 eggs, whisked

Black pepper, to taste


1. In a large ovenproof skillet, heat coconut oil over medium heat. 2. Crumble sausage into the skillet and cook until browned. 3. Add sweet potato and cook until tender. 4. Add green onion and sauté for 2–3 minutes. 5. Spread this mixture evenly throughout the skillet. Pour eggs over mixture and sprinkle black pepper over top. 6. Cook without stirring for 3 minutes or until bubbly. 7. Transfer skillet to oven and cook under broiler on low until frittata is cooked through.


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SUPER BEAGLES AND JUMPING LLAMAS Guinness World Records’ Most Amazing Animals

Didga, a Very Tricky Kitty Anyone who says cats can’t learn tricks hasn’t met Didga. In 2016, Didga, with help from her human, Robert Dollwet, claimed a world record by performing 20 different tricks in 60 seconds. Her routine started with the classics, like sitting and giving high-fives, and culminated in riding a skateboard while hopping over a low bar. Dollwet told Guinness World Records that training Didga took a lot of time and patience and that he was so proud of his clever cat. Purin, the Beagle Who Holds 3 Guinness World Records Nicknamed “The Super Beagle,” Purin scored her first title in 2015 for her amazing goalkeeping skills. The beagle “saved” 14 mini soccer balls thrown by her human, Makoto Kumagai, in one minute. A year later, Purin claimed another record when she became the “fastest dog on a ball” by traveling 10 meters in 10.39 seconds while balancing on a ball. Not long after, Purin and Kumagai set the record for “most skips by a dog and a person in one minute — single rope”with 58 skips. Talk about super!

Hearing about someone who has claimed a Guinness World Record is pretty cool, but do you know what’s even cooler? When animals make world records. Here are a few amazing animals who hold some really cool records.

Caspa, the Amazing Jumping Llama Sue Williams is an animal trainer and behaviorist who specializes in dogs. One day, she was working on agility training with her dogs when she noticed her llama, Caspa, watching them. After a little time and training, Williams discovered that Caspa loved jumping, too. In 2015, Caspa cleared a bar set at 3 feet, 8 1/2 inches. He jumped right into the world record for “highest bar jump cleared by a llama.” “He’s a complete diva,” says Williams. “So, if there are people there to show off in front of, that’s when he’s at his ultimate best.”

You can find videos of all these amazing record holders and more at

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