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Part of the Severn Valley Woodworks group of companies, Challow are specialists in crop drying and storage systems . Providing complete integrated solutions since 1974, Challow’s range of drive-over drying floors, main air ducts and fan housing are carefully designed and constructed to achieve maximum drying performance.

Photograph above: Drying floor with steel air duct Top right: Main air duct

Challowmain air ducts are of proven strength and specification. Challow only use hardwood for the duct frames and hardwood faced plywood sheeting which forms the outer cladding. This is also tongue and groove jointed for strength and air tight sealing.

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Full installation service AVAILABLE

The Challow drying floor has advantages over others on the market that are unique to Challow. All components are manufactured in our own factory and are produced in palletised sections that screw together on site. This drastically cuts the on-site installation time and allows for ease of maintenance and re-location at a later date if required.

The Challow system also offers the further benefit of choice in design detail. They are the only company that offers the option of a folded mesh in lieu of a flat mesh insert. This design produces a near flush surface which means minimal cleaning is required between crops. To achieve this feature without impacting on the strength, the floor plates are profiled to a unique section and the expanded metal inserts are pressed to suit. These features make it our most popular floor design.

A full installation service is available if required. Challow do not use sub-contractors to install their products but use highly skilled and experienced installation engineers that are directly employed by the company. They work quickly and efficiently to ensure a consistent high standard of finish. Doorway infill boards

High level fan room

Raised internal fan rooms and doorway infill boards can be incorporated to complete the Challow system.

Drying floor with timber air duct

Challow A1 floor plate design

Challow A2 floor plate design



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