Severn Valley Woodworks & Hutton Product Guide



Beginning life as a small coffin manufacturer, SVWmoved into pallet making with Heinz as their main customer. This business continued to grow, developing into supplying pallets, packaging cases and timbers to blue chip manufacturers including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Fuji and the Ministry of Defence. As these companies moved their businesses away from the UK, Severn Valley Woodworks was approached by British Coal to supply hardwood timber dowels and plywood pads. This grew into a multi-million pound business which unfortunately came to an abrupt end with the miners’ strike in the mid-eighties. Around the same time SVW manufactured its first grain floor for its then customer, Challow Agricultural Products, two years later it had bought the company. This acquisition brought crop storage floors, agricultural buildings, cubicle housing and golf driving ranges to the SVW portfolio. After the acquisition of Challow, Welvent, a competitor in the crop storage sector, approached the company to become their manufacturer. SVW are still manufacturing for them to this day. In the early 1990’s SVWwere approached by Permacrib to supply components for earth retaining systems. This continues to be an important part of the SVW business.

The Management of Severn Valley Woodworks Limited recognises that it has a duty to reduce the environmental impact that its business may have. It is recognised that this should be overseen at the highest level and therefore the Board of Directors assume overall responsibility. Past, Present and Future All present and future operations will be conducted in a manner which impacts least on the environment. Where contamination has been caused in the past Severn Valley Woodworks has a firm ongoing commitment to remedy the situation. Contaminated land has already been cleared and the site is registered as a clean site. Legislation Severn Valley Woodworks is firmly committed to implement and meet all regulatory Severn Valley Woodworks will seek to provide as much information as possible on environmental matters. An open invitation exists to customers to conduct their own environmental audit. requirements. Transparency

Areas Covered • Reducing environmental impact - water, air emissions, and source of rawmaterials. • Reducing waste - water, rawmaterials during process, power and fuel. • Reducing the environmental impact of transport - car fleet, haulage. • Reducing noise impact. Supply Chain Where a choice of supply is available to the company the most environmentally friendly one will be used whenever possible. Staff Training Severn Valley Woodworks will provide staff training and keep their employees informed on environmental issues. This Policy Statement, together with its associated procedures and arrangements, will be subject

In 1999, SVW acquired Lingward, a competitor in the crop storage sector. Today SVW are by far the largest supplier of crop storage systems, manufacturing in excess of 70%of the current market demand. In 2003 SVW acquired Hutton Garden Products with its range of oak barrels, bird tables, planters and reconditioned plastics and has since expanded the range to include a wide selection of British manufactured garden furniture. Severn Valley moved to its current seven hectare site at Northwood Green in 2000. Following the investment in five newmoulding lines SVW has grown into one of the largest suppliers of machined and pressure treated softwood to timber merchants. At the end of 2007 a further

to a continuous review in order to reflect current business activities.

manufacturing site was established in Lydney.

From humble beginnings SVW has grown in to a sizeable operation, manufacturing and supplying the most diverse of product ranges.



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