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JULY 2020

What ‘Together’ Really Looks Like A Reflection on the Fourth of July

“America is a tune. It must be sung together.” – Gerald Stanley Lee

and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle but with family picnics ... You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.” In a time where gathering has been discouraged, though, it can feel like we’ve lost something important about our national tradition. As of this writing, most fireworks celebrations have been canceled this year. With that said, hopefully our great nation has seen the worst of the current situation over the last few months, and we slowly find a new normal we can make the best of. Even if some of the bigger shows are rescheduled, I know families and friends in our nation will still come together to celebrate the day in their own way. Hopefully we’ll be able to see places reopening by July. Though, even if they do, I know the Independence Day celebration will feel different. Fireworks and COVID-19 aside, it can also feel challenging to have that kind of national optimism when we’re going through something physically or emotionally traumatic. We’ve been on many journeys with our clients and through some of their most challenging moments while working their cases. And yet, although it can feel like a conclusion is far away, we never stop fighting for it. No matter what you have been going through, and no matter how you are planning to celebrate July Fourth, know that our team has been working relentlessly for our clients, pressing insurance companies and defendants daily to try to ensure that the hardships of the past will be easier to deal with in the future. We might say that all

As kids, when it was Fourth of July, you knew school was officially over and Summer was just getting started. Fourth of July was often especially meaningful because, luckily enough for me, I have family from Greece, so the holiday was often a celebration of my last few days in America before spending the rest of the summer in Greece. As much as I loved going to Greece for entire summers as a child, there was something special about celebrating America each summer, especially those years when I would be gone for the entire summer. I have fond memories, from childhood through now, of fireworks, barbecues, and the celebratory togetherness of the holiday. No matter who you are or where you come from, the Fourth of July is a time to come together, reflect, and celebrate. Perhaps it gave me time to reflect on what it really means to be an American before I flew internationally. Fourth of July represents a milestone in our society and all the things Americans have to look forward to. It’s not about America as a perfect nation — it’s about reflecting on how far we’ve come, our freedoms, and most importantly, spending time with one another to celebrate our cultural optimism that freedom will lead to happiness, safety, and the continued pursuit of the American dream. An American humorist writer, Erma Bombeck, might’ve put it best: “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July Fourth, not with a parade of guns, tanks,

the time, but I’ve never seen my colleagues press harder than right now to ensure your insurance companies and tough summer months are a little bit easier to deal with. Although my perspective is a very small slice of the American pie, I see a deep cut into that American spirit and work ethic we all have. It might have not been exposed as easily before. A legal team definitely doesn’t operate on the front lines of a health care crisis, but it’s simply my personal familiarity with a pattern I’ve seen in businesses throughout the United States. Working together through our hardest moments, with one another and with our clients, is what the spirit of Fourth of July is all about. I see a piece of that resilience in many more places outside our office, too. This July, I am grateful for good health, hopeful for a positive future, and optimistic that we as a nation will find our own special way to come together and celebrate all that is good about being an American. I hope you have a fantastic Independence Day!

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