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2. Continue, transitioning students to a discussion about the abilities and qualities of Bowl (or championship) players. “What makes players good enough to be on a team that goes to a Bowl game? What qualities and character traits do Bowl or championship players exhibit?” [List students’ answers on the board; do not erase.] [Some anticipated responses are: confidence, skilled, trained, prepared, disciplined, ready, hard workers, committed, on top of their game, focused, have a game plan, etc.] 3. Challenge students to consider: “If going to middle school is [ exciting, busy, challenging, etc. ] like the Rose Bowl, what qualities and character traits should a middle school student have in order to tackle the challenges of middle school?” Conclude: Like Bowl players, a middle school student should be [ insert adjectives listed from question #2 ]. The qualities and character traits of a successful middle school student are the same as the qualities and character traits of a successful bowl or championship player! Today, students begin training—not for a Bowl game, but to successfully tackle the challenges of middle school! 4. “Let’s talk about the challenges of middle school. In what ways is middle school more challenging than elementary school?” [Some anticipated responses are: more students, larger classes, bigger campus, changing classrooms, different teachers for each class, using a locker, harder subjects, more homework, clubs and activities, new friends and people to meet.] Encourage students to follow through on their ideas: In what ways might having six different teachers be challenging? What’s the impact of a larger campus on your time management? How is changing classrooms organizationally challenging? How is having more homework an organizational challenge? 5. “What skills are essential for balancing all of the activities, demands and challenges of middle school?” Guide students to conclude that good work habits, time management and organizational skills are essential in middle school! With good work management and organizational skills, most of the challenges of middle school can be anticipated, planned for and tackled ! PRODUCT PREVIEW


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Instructor’s Guide

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