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Activity (15 minutes) Today students begin to learn good work habits, time management and organizational skills. To start, let’s first consider some common errors made by middle school students. 1. Direct students to the “I Spy an Organizational Error” on WB pages 8 and 9. 2. Read page 8 aloud. Introduce the exercise on page 9. 3. Working alone or in pairs, students study the cartoon and circle the work/time management and organizational errors they find. Allow five minutes to complete the exercise. 4. Call on students to identify a poor work/time management or organizational practice that he/she finds in the picture and explain why he/she believes it is a poor practice. What might be the consequence of this poor practice? What problems might result from this? 5. Use the answer key on IG page 13 to guide the class to find all of the errors. Letter to Parent (5 minutes) Students reference the content written on the board by the instructor to complete the S.O.S.™ Letter to Parent or Caregiver. Assign Homework (3 minutes) • Truth or Dare: Direct students to WB pages 14 and 15. Introduce the Truth or Dare exercise. Review and assign it as homework. Advise students to spend about 20 minutes on the exercise. If they are uncertain about an answer, they may ask a parent’s opinion. Students add up their scores and check their organizational profile on pages 16 and 17. (Collect scores for assessment.) • Read WB pages 19 through 26 to prepare for the next S.O.S. class. PRODUCT PREVIEW

Collect students’ Truth or Dare scores and go to (Create a Graph). Summarize the data via a bar graph or pie chart. Display and discuss it at the next S.O.S. class.

Introduction: Welcome to Middle School — Get Ready to Tackle New Challenges! 5

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