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2 PRODUCT PREVIEW 5 1 ANSWER KEY 1. He has his math book open in language arts. (Did he forget his language arts textbook at home, or leave it in his locker? Is he completing math homework in language arts?) 2. He isn’t using his planner. 3. Talking in class means missing out on instructions about tests, etc. 4. The wrong test date is written in her planner. (Compare with the date on the board.) 5. Her permission slip has fallen out of her binder. 6. This binder is a disaster! 7. A final grade of C– for spelling and vocabulary on an essay indicates poor time management. This student did not take the time to check and correct his written work. (Note: the physics book in his backpack is a hint. This is a smart student who should not be getting a C–.) 8. She is talking in class. She should be listening and taking notes about the test. 9. Reminder notes tell the reader that this student is relying too much on someone else (mom) to keep track of her responsibilities. 10. Overdue library book. 11. This student is late for class. 12. Tardies can drag down your grade and cause you to miss important information!

13. His homework was shoved loose into his backpack, and has fallen out. 14. Due to missing assignments, Larry has a D in the class, Chris has a C–.

Introduction: Welcome to Middle School — Get Ready to Tackle New Challenges! 13

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