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Gaining Attention (3–5 minutes) Direct students to WB page 21. Read the comic aloud. Engage students in a discussion:What’s happening in this comic? How is a binder like a filing cabinet? What kind of problems might Sara be having with her binder? What is stressful about having a disorganized binder? How can having an organized binder help you to be a better student?

Communicating the Objectives (2 minutes) In today’s class, students will learn about the first organizational tool in the Middle School Tool Shed: A Goof-Proof Binder. They will learn that having an organized binder can make middle school life easier, how to organize their binders so they can store, retrieve and locate papers, homework and information quickly and keep papers neat and unwrinkled. [Remind students that if a teacher has expressed a preference for organizing a class binder, they must follow the teacher’s instructions. A Goof-Proof Binder is for classes in which a teacher has not expressed a preference.] Presentation of Content (20 minutes) [Write highlighted content on the board.] How to Assemble a Goof-Proof Binder. [If you have selected Activity B for this lesson, proceed directly to the Activity, as it incorporates the Presentation of Content. If you have selected Activity A, use the subject divider, sheet protector, binder paper and 2-pocket folder to model the assembly of a Goof- Proof Binder section as you present the content.] 1. Separate papers,homework and handouts by class! Use subject dividers to separate papers by class! The first step to creating a Goof-Proof Binder is to use subject dividers to create a separate section for each class. [If available, provide a sample subject divider for students to see.] Plastic subject dividers are best, because they are strong and won’t tear and fall out of the binder. Label the subject divider with the name of the class or activity. Only papers for that class go in that section! 2. Preserve and protect important class handouts! Use sheet protectors to preserve important class handouts! Ask students if they can think of any handouts that should be kept in their binders for the entire, or at least a large part of the school year (i.e., reading list, syllabus, class schedule, study guide, rubric, etc.). [If available, distribute or display sample sheet protectors. Let students practice putting papers into the sheet protectors.] Use sheet protectors to preserve important papers! Students should place important handouts in sheet protectors, directly behind the subject dividers. That way, they are easy to find for reference. Store three or four extra sheet protectors in the binder. PRODUCT PREVIEW


How to Organize a Goof-Proof Binder™!

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