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3. Binder paper: Keep 20–25 sheets of binder paper in each class section. Place 20–25 sheets of wide-ruled binder paper behind the sheet protector section for in-class writing, notes and homework. 4. A 2-pocket (poly-pocket) folder holds handouts and homework. Short term handouts, homework and forms for parent signatures or review go in a 2-pocket folder. A 2-pocket folder goes in each class section, behind the binder paper. The left pocket is labeled “Handouts and Worksheets” and holds all short term handouts and worksheets. The right pocket is labeled “Homework/Graded Papers/Signed Forms.” It holds papers that go to and from school and home. [Pass around a sample three hole-punched Poly-pocket folder, labeled correctly.] 5. Some Never-Do’s: Never shove papers loose into your backpack! Keep an extra 2-pocket folder in your backpack to temporarily hold papers. Never shove papers loose into your locker! Never let old papers clutter up your binder. A binder is not for long term storage of school papers! Clutter-bust binders every two weeks. Direct students to WB page 30. Review and discuss the graphic of a fully assembled Goof-Proof Binder section. PRODUCT PREVIEW Activity (15–20 minutes) Select Activity “A” or “B” from the Activities Guide on IG page 27. Letter to Parent (5 minutes) Students reference the content written on the board by the instructor to complete the S.O.S.™ Letter to Parent or Caregiver. Assign Homework (2 minutes) • Read WB pages 30 and 31 and complete the exercise on pages 32–33. (Collect scores for assessment.) • Read WB pages 36–46 to prepare for the next class. • Students obtain supplies and assemble at least one subject section of their binder to be Goof-Proof! (Schedule binder checks for assessment.)


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Instructor’s Guide

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