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ACTIVITY A: The Great Binder Race This fun activity contrasts the benefits of a Goof-Proof Binder with the challenges of a disorganized one. It requires a (one time) 30–40 minute prep time to assemble the two binders. One is Goof-Proof and one is a disorganized binder. Once you have prepared the binders, you can reuse them any time you teach this lesson! 1. Assemble one Goof-Proof Binder and one disorganized binder.

Materials Checklist: Activity A q two binders (standard plastic or notebook style) q two plastic subject dividers q 5–10 sheet protectors q 40–50 sheets of binder paper q two 2-pocket (poly-pocket) folders q two identical sets of papers (handouts, homework

Follow the directions on WB pages 28 and 29 to assemble a Goof-Proof Binder. Note: In this activity, both the Goof-Proof Binder and the disorganized binder contain identical papers, handouts, etc. However, in the Goof-Proof Binder, the papers and handouts are separated by class, and important handouts are stored in sheet protectors. Homework, handouts and forms are filed in a labeled 2-pocket folder. By contrast, in the disorganized binder, papers and handouts are not separated by class. Some are placed in the binder backwards, upside down, stuffed in, falling out, etc. (Feel free to stuff additional papers into the disorganized binder—they’re usually cluttered with old papers anyway.) Be creative! The disorganized binder should resemble the binder of a chronically disorganized middle school student. 2. Select the papers/information students will race to find.


worksheets, etc.) for two classes (i.e., science and language arts)

When the binders are assembled, select two papers and one or two pieces of information (i.e., the name of a book from a reading list, or information from a class schedule) that you will ask contestants (see below) to retrieve from the binders. The paper and information must be available in each binder. 3. Inform students of the rules of The Great Binder Race. (1) Select two student volunteers to be contestants in a game called The Great Binder Race. Bring them to the front of the classroom. Introduce one as “Organized Binder Guy/Girl” and the other as “Disorganized Binder Guy/Girl.” (2) Explain to the contestants and to the class that each binder contains materials for two middle school classes (i.e., science and language arts). One binder has been organized to be Goof-Proof. (Briefly review the Goof-Proof setup.) The other binder is disorganized. Papers have been


How to Organize a Goof-Proof Binder™!

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