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randomly filed. It has accumulated old papers and clutter. In short, it resembles the binder of many typical middle school students! (3) The contestants will be asked to retrieve certain documents or information from their binders. .” (i.e., “your signed permission slip for the zoo field trip,” or “the name of the book your language arts class will read this Spring,” etc.) “On your mark, get set, GO!” The first to retrieve the document or information is the winner of that round! (Reward at your discretion.) (5) At the conclusion of the activity, engage students in a discussion:Why was Organized Binder Guy/Girl able to locate his/her papers faster and with less stress? Do you ever feel like Disorganized Binder Guy/Girl when you look for papers or information in your binder? Guide students to make the connection: having an organized binder means saving time and reducing stress in middle school! Permit students to review the Goof-Proof Binder. [Note: Activity A can be modified to allow for the entire class to participate in a Binder Race. On “Go!,” students search their own binders, racing to locate specified class papers and information.] PRODUCT PREVIEW The documents and information are available in both binders. (4) Start each round by saying, “Contestants, you are to find ACTIVITY B: Guided Practice—Assembling a Goof-Proof Binder Section In this activity, the instructor guides students to organize one class/subject section of their binder to be Goof-Proof. The activity requires students to bring their binders to class. It also requires the school or parents to supply subject dividers, sheet protectors, binder paper and 2-pocket folders. 1. Direct students to WB pages 28 and 29. 2. ReviewWB pages 28–29 with students. Advise students that these pages provide step-by-step directions how to organize a Goof-Proof Binder, so that papers, homework and information can be stored, located and retrieved quickly. 3. Advise students that today they will organize one section of their binder to be Goof-Proof. 4. Direct students to open their binders, collect and remove all of the papers for one class (i.e., science.) Have students take a few minutes to sort through the papers to remove old papers Materials Checklist: Activity B q subject dividers (1 per student) q sheet protectors (3–4 per student) q 20–25 sheets of binder paper (per student) q 2-pocket folder (1 per student) q permanent markers q students’ personal binders


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Instructor’s Guide

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