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they no longer need, and set the remaining papers aside in a neat pile. 5. Read aloud the directions on page 28–29. Introduce and distribute the Goof-Proof Binder inserts, at a pace suitable for the students. 6. Provide each student with a plastic subject divider. Direct students to use the permanent marker to label the subject divider with the name of the class they are organizing, and place it in the binder, laying to the left. 7. Direct students to sort through the papers they have set aside, and select papers and handouts that, according to step 4 on page 29, should be preserved in sheet protectors. Have students put these papers into sheet protectors and place them in their binders, behind the subject dividers. 8. Follow the remaining steps on page 29, guiding students to create one Goof-Proof Binder section. 9. When the students have finished assembling the Goof-Proof Binder section, have them compare their final product with the graphic on WB page 30, to confirm that they have correctly assembled the section. 10. Optional: To demonstrate the benefits of having an organized binder, challenge students to locate a specific paper, handout or information in their newly organized binder section. PRODUCT PREVIEW Throw a Goof-Proof Binder party! Students work in groups at lunch or after school to clean out, organize and assemble their binders to be Goof- Proof. Bust binder clutter! When they finish, celebrate with music and a treat.


How to Organize a Goof-Proof Binder™!

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