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Gaining Attention (3 minutes) Direct students to WB page 37. Read comic aloud. Engage students in a discussion:What is happening in this comic? What is “radar”? What is a “planner?” How is a planner like a radar? Why is Chris crouched down with assignments exploding nearby? Recall lesson one where students concluded that, because they have many different teachers, assignments, schedules and activities, there is a lot to keep track of in middle school. Keeping track all of these assignments and responsibilities requires using a planner !

Communicating the Objectives (2 minutes) Today students will learn about the next organizational tool in the Middle School Tool Shed: The Planner. They will learn what schedules go in a planner, and how to use abbreviations to make it easier to use a planner. Finally, they will record one week in the life of a typical middle school student in a planner. Presentation of Content (15 minutes) [Write highlighted content on the board.] [Note: If your school has an official planner, or preferred planner style, provide a sample for students. If your school does not have a preferred planner style, provide various samples of planners for students to review. Advise students that, when shopping for a planner, they should select the style that best suits their personal needs.] Students have three schedules they need to keep track of in their planners: 1. The Annual Calendar By PowerPoint/overhead transparency, online or by handout, display for students your middle school’s Annual Calendar. Advise students that the Annual Calendar contains important school- wide dates and events, such as exam weeks, holidays, bell schedule changes, games, rallies, etc. Advise students where they can find a copy of this calendar. Not all of the activities and events on the Annual Calendar will affect students (i.e., a PTA meeting), but many do, especially bell schedule changes and exam weeks. Students should review the Annual Calendar and enter the dates and events that affect them into their planners. 2. Class Schedules or Calendar By PowerPoint/overhead transparency, online or by handout, display for students a Class Schedule/Calendar. Advise students that the Class Schedule or Calendar contains assignments, due dates and events for a single class, such as science or math. It shows homework assignments, project due dates, field trips, etc. This calendar is usually distributed as a handout, PRODUCT REVIEW


How Is a Planner Like a Radar?

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