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ACTIVITY A: Round Robin Scheduling At the conclusion of this activity, students will be surprised at how busy a middle school student’s schedule can be! Directions 1. Students work in groups of four or five. 2. Provide each student with a handout of a blank weekly planner page. (See WB page 47 or use your school-approved planner.) 3. Assign each student in the group a role as the “teacher” of a middle school subject (i.e., one student is a math teacher, another is a science teacher, the next is a language arts teacher, etc.). 4. For rounds 1–3, students take turns. Each “teacher” announces a homework assignment that would typically be found in a class schedule. Students enter the assignments in their sample planner page as they are assigned. (Continue for three rounds.) 5. Round 4: Taking turns, each student states a date or event that can be found in the Annual Calendar, such as a bell schedule change, or school picture day. The students enter the dates and events in their sample planner pages. 6. Round 5: Taking turns, each student states a personal schedule matter, such as a sports practice or a club meeting. The students enter the dates and events in their sample planner pages. [Note: Before starting, model the activity: “I am the history teacher and your homework assignment is to read and outline chapter 5 for Wednesday’s class;”“I am the Spanish teacher, and your permission slip to the museum is due on Friday at 3rd period;”“The Annual Calendar says we have no school on Thursday!”“Science projects are due on Weds. at 10:00;”“Mom’s birthday party is at 3:00 on Sunday;”“You have a math quiz on Monday,” etc.] 7. Students must use at least 5 abbreviations fromWB page 44 (or make up their own). Encourage students to use bullet points to keep entries separated and legible. 8. Collect for assessment. Materials Checklist: Activity A q Handout: Blank weekly planner page (1 per student, see WB page 47) q pen or pencil PRODUCT PREVIEW


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Instructor’s Guide

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