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ACTIVITY B: Grab Bag Scheduling 1. Twenty 6" x 1" strips of paper (or use 20 3" x 5" index cards.) 2. On each strip or index card, write a fictional class assignment, Annual Calendar event, or an event of a personal nature (doctor’s appointment, birthday, sports practice, game, etc.). [Note: Add some silly dates: i.e.,

Materials Checklist: Activity B q 20 6" x 1" strips of paper or index cards containing planner items (see directions) q handout: blank weekly planner page (one per student) q paper bag q pens, pencils q whiteboard or overhead projector

“Wednesday is the last day I will accept chocolate bribes for an A in my class,” or award a prize to the student who draws “Early out” or “No Homework,” etc.] 3. Provide each student with one blank page from a weekly planner. (See WB page 47 or use your school-approved planner.) 4. Display the blank planner page by PowerPoint, overhead transparency, (or draw an oversized one on the board). 5. Place the assignment slips in a paper bag. Explain to students that the bag contains slips of paper with items to be scheduled in their planner page. 6. Call on students to pick a slip out of the bag and read the item aloud. The class listens as the item is read aloud, and enters the assignment or event in the correct place on the sample planner page. The student who reads from the slip enters the item on the overhead, PowerPoint or board. 7. Students must use five or more abbreviations and bullet points. 8. Review and correct together, making sure that the students entered the assignments and events in the correct planner spaces and that they used abbreviations and bullet points. 9. Collect for assessment. PRODUCT PREVIEW

Create an abbreviation word wall in your classroom. Students learn 1 = Jan, O/L = outline, HW = homework, etc. Ask students to contribute ideas for abbreviations. Use bullet points to separate entries.


How Is a Planner Like a Radar?

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