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ACTIVITY C: Guided Practice This lesson requires students to bring their planners to class. 1. Provide each student with a copy of the middle school’s Annual Calendar (or access and display it online). 2. Direct students to open their planners, turn to today’s date and take out a pencil or pen. 3. Review the next two to three weeks of the Annual Calendar with students, noting the type of information it contains, and what information is relevant to students’ schedules. into their planners. (You may need to assign this part as homework.) 5. Students must use at least five abbreviations and bullet points. 6. Collect for assessment or schedule a planner check. ACTIVITY D 1. Ask students to take out a pencil or pen and turn to WB page 47. 2. The instructor reads aloud the passage on page 47. 3. Direct students to complete the sample planner section as the passage is read aloud, placing dates, events and assignments in the correct spaces, using abbreviations and bullet points. 4. Use the answer key to correct the exercise. 5. Review for assessment. 4. Direct students to copy the dates and events that are relevant to students into their planners. Do the same with a class schedule. Then, ask students to consider their personal schedules (tutoring, sports practices and games, appointments) and enter their personal schedule items PRODUCT PREVIEW Materials Checklist: Activity D q WB page 47 q pens or pencils Materials Checklist: Activity C q student planners q copies of the Annual Calendar (one per student) q copies of a class schedule (one per student) q pens/pencils


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Instructor’s Guide

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