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Gaining Attention (3 minutes) Direct students to WB page 51. Read aloud, and engage students in a discussion:What is happening in this comic? Has anyone ever forgotten to write down the homework assignment or left a workbook or handout they need for homework at school? What is a “Study Bud?”Why is a Study Bud compared to a superhero?

Communicating the Objectives (2 minutes) The topic for today is the organizational tool called The Study Bud. In this lesson, students will learn how Study Buds can help one another in their middle school. They will learn the rules for maintaining a productive Study Bud relationship. They will interview a Study Bud and complete a Study Bud 411 Form. Students will also learn how to anticipate and solve problems often encountered on a middle school group project. Presentation of Content (20 minutes) [Write highlighted content on the board.] Part 1: Study Buds 1. What is a Study Bud? A Study Bud is a student with whom another student partners for support, help and information sharing in a middle school class. Study Buds are not necessarily best friends— they don’t even have to know each another very well; but they must be committed to helping each other whenever help is needed! 2. Study Buds can support each other in many ways: [List some of these Study Bud support ideas on the board.] • Forgot to write down a homework assignment, or you’re confused about the assignment directions or due date? Call your Study Bud! [Forgotten homework assignment.] • Forgot a paper, workbook or handout at school and need it for homework? Ask your Study Bud to fax a copy to you! [Forgotten book paper, page or handout.] • Lost a book? Share with your Study Bud until you’re able to get another copy. [Share book.] • Essay or report due tomorrow, and your printer has gone on strike? Attach and email it to your Study Bud. Your Study Bud can print it for you and bring it to class. [Email papers.] • Studying for a test or quiz? Study together! Share notes and ideas. [Study together.] • Absent from school? Don’t fall behind! Your Study Bud can pick up handouts, turn in your homework, and share notes from class. [Help when absent.] Ask students if they can think of any other ways Study Buds can help and support one another. PRODUCT PREVIEW


Study Buds & Taking the Grrr out of a Group Project!

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