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3. Direct students to WB page 52. Review and discuss the Study Bud Rules. Proceed to Activity A, to practice Study Bud interview skills. Part 2: Group Projects Group Project Past Experience Engage students in a discussion about group projects. Has anyone ever worked on a school project that required students to work together, outside of the classroom? What did they like about the experience? What did they dislike? What are the challenges of working with a group? In middle school, students often work on group projects and, because their grade depends on how well they do as a group, it is important that the group work well together. Why are group projects sometimes difficult to manage? • Students may have different ability levels or different work ethics. • Students have different schedules, making it difficult to coordinate the project meetings. • Students may live far apart, making it hard to coordinate the project. • Students may not get along. • Students may not know each other. • Students have not clearly defined their tasks and they often goof off at group meetings. What are the keys to successfully managing a group project? [Write the highlighted content on the board.] GROUP PROJECT SKILLS AND STRATEGIES: 1. Good Communication: By sharing email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information, group project members can easily communicate when they need to. 2. Share ideas: Group project members must be willing to listen to each other’s ideas and opinions about how to complete the project. 3. Plan carefully: Consider the project step-by-step, including how it will progress until the due date, the supplies that are needed, and scheduling problems. Decide how to best use each group member’s talent. 4. Define tasks: Each group member’s task should be fully discussed and described, including how the task will be completed, when and where their part of the project is due. 5. Share the load: Make a fair division of project tasks, so that no group project member has to work a lot harder than the others. PRODUCT PREVIEW


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Instructor’s Guide

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