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6. Set meetings and group goals: Schedule frequent meetings so group members can report on their progress. Establish goals for meetings. This keeps the group focused, and enables the group solve a problem before it becomes an emergency! Consider electing a Team Leader who can speak up to help keep the group on task. Activity (20 minutes) Select Activity B or C from the Activities Guide on IG page 55. (Activity A was completed in Part 1 of this lesson.) Letter to Parent (5 minutes) Students reference the content written on the board by the instructor to complete the S.O.S.™ Letter to Parent or Caregiver. Assign Homework (3 minutes) • If students did not complete the Study Bud interview and 411 Form in class, assign it as homework. Students find a Study Bud for at least one class, and interview him or her to complete the form. Students post the Study Bud 411 at their workspace at home, or place it in a sheet protector in their binder subject section. • Complete the exercise on WB page 61. (Collect scores for assessment.) • Read WB pages 64–68 to prepare for the next S.O.S. class. PRODUCT PREVIEW


Study Buds & Taking the Grrr out of a Group Project!

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