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Gaining Attention (5 minutes) Welcome the students to the S.O.S.™ (Student Organizational Skills) class. To gain attention, pose this question: Who watched [or will be watching] the Rose Bowl Q ? Advise the class that, following an introduction to the course details, the students will be challenged to make some comparisons between playing in the Rose Bowl and going to middle school!

Advise students of the S.O.S. class details: 1. Class meeting times and location. 2. Assessment and grading:

The workbook for this course is The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Students will be assessed on the completion of the exercises in the Workbook, and by participation in the class activities. But, how well a student listens and learns will be obvious to teachers, parents, and to students themselves, as they begin demonstrating better work habits, time management and organizational skills! 3. Materials: Students must bring their copy of The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! and a pencil or pen to every class. Communicating the Objectives (2 minutes) The objective of the S.O.S. program is to learn good, basic work habits, time management and organizational skills. Students will learn that being organized requires more than using a planner! It takes a full set of skills and strategies that they will learn in S.O.S. These skills will form the foundation for the work habits, time management and organizational skills and strategies they’ll need in high school. The objectives of today’s class are to identify traits of a successful middle school student, identify some work habit, time management and organizational challenges of middle school and learn about practices that are not productive! Presentation of Content (15 minutes) [Write highlighted content on the board.] 1. Pose this question. Ask students to suggest answers to fill in the blank. “How is going to middle school like playing in the Rose Bowl? Q Like playing in the Rose Bowl, going to middle school is .” [Some anticipated responses are: exciting, challenging, fast-paced, demanding, lots of people, hard work, loud/distracting, scary, etc.] Q Substitute any national, regional or local championship event wherever the Rose Bowl is referred to in this lesson. Introduction: Welcome to Middle School — Get Ready to Tackle New Challenges! 3 PRODUCT PREVIEW

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