Sea Tales 2023/2024 Family Cruise Travel Planner

P regnancy P olicy NCL will not accept guests who will have entered their twenty-fourth week of pregnancy by the time their travel with NCL concludes. A statement from the expectant mother’s doctor (letterhead form required) stating her due date and fitness to travel must be sent to NCL’s Access Desk .

C hildren ’ s P rograms Infants, Toddlers, and Children (6 months–12 years)

Splash Academy for Kids When your little ones are having a great time, you’re having a great time. Sign them up for our complimentary youth program where they can enjoy creative play, sports and more. From theme night activities to cool parties, our youth staff has a knack for this stuff. Activities & Age Groups Guppies Programs (6 months – under 3 years) Guppies (Parents required. Fleetwide) Sensory Play

Music and Movement Colors of the Rainbow Guppies Nursery (Drop off, fee based. Norwegian Escape only)

Self-Exploration Crafty Creations Messy Play

Turtles (3 - 5 Years) Arts & Crafts and Painting Circus School (Tiger Act) Developmental Activities Sensory Play Storytelling Parades/Treasure Hunt

Seals (6 - 9 Years) Circus Skills and Show (Scarf Juggling, Plate Spinning, Devil Sticks, and Rope Spinning) Theme Nights Painting Sports/Games Team-Building Challenges Parades/Treasure Hunts Video Games

2023 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner

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