Sea Tales 2023/2024 Family Cruise Travel Planner

Children (2–7 years) The Play Zone Children aged 2 to 7 will love the activities and themed days in this supervised haven.

The Play Zone is a fully supervised play area which younger members of your family will just love. They’re sure to have a fun-filled vacation with the structured activities provided by our fully trained Youth Team - including themed days, arts and crafts, games, books, puzzles, toys and computer games. There’s even a sheltered outdoor play area with a range of play equipment such as cars and tricycles. Infants from 6 months to 23 months are welcome to join in the fun, with parental supervision. Tweens and Teens (8–17 years) The Kids’ Zone The varied activities running here throughout the day are just the thing for 8- to 17-year-olds. Kids aged 8 to 12 will experience the time of their lives with the games and activities available in this dedicated area. Our Youth Team provides the supervision and organizes events so that each action-packed day has something for everyone including sports, arts and crafts, friendly challenges, and of course, games consoles. Note that the exact age groupings will depend on the number of children traveling on any particular voyage. The Teen Zone Teenagers 13 to 17 will have a great time with the sports, discos and games we run around the ship. Teens in your party will have a whale of a time in this dedicated club for 13- to 17-year-olds. They can enjoy deck sports, discos, gaming consoles, quizzes and much more - ensuring an action-packed vacation. They’ll also appreciate the special Teen Zone area where they can challenge each other to the latest video games as well as the table tennis tournaments and team games we organize. Note that the exact age groupings will depend on the number of children traveling on any particular voyage. C hapter II T hinking of T aking a C ruise W hile Y ou ’ re E xpecting ? I t ’ s a G reat idea ! Thinking of taking a cruise while you’re expecting? It’s a great idea! Take the opportunity to relax and enjoy this time before your life is changed by a new bundle of joy. Be aware, however, that the cruise lines do have pregnancy policies in place and most do not allow passengers who are farther along than twenty-four weeks. Below you will find a reference guide to cruise line pregnancy policies. ( Please be sure to confirm these with your agent/cruise line before booking, as they are subject to change. ) Contemporary Cruise Lines ( Please be sure to confirm this information with your agent/cruise line before booking, as it is always subject to change. )

2023 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner

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