Sea Tales 2023/2024 Family Cruise Travel Planner

Myth No. 3: You have to have a lot of time for a cruise vacation.

Reality: Cruise lengths actually vary significantly to meet personal tastes. They can vary from a quick three-day jaunt to a world cruise that lasts 100 days or more. It all depends on what you want; there’s no shortage of cruise itineraries to meet your needs.

Myth No. 4: We’ll get bored: there’s nothing to do on a cruise.

Reality: Cruise ships are floating resorts, with plenty of fun for everyone. The flurry of activities on board a cruise ship is amazing; typical activities include shore excursions, water sports, pool activities, fitness centers, live entertainment, casinos, bingo, dance lessons, talent contests, karaoke, wine tasting, rock wall climbing, spas, movies and much more. Most days are spent in exotic ports with plenty to see and do. If you have a special interest, the lines cater to these as well: golfers can play challenging, top-ranked island courses (extra fees may apply), gourmets love the dining, and explorers can find a different adventure in every port. In addition, all of the major cruise lines offer organized programs and camps for children. They can participate all day, or only in specific activities. This provides for both fun family time and a chance for parents to relax on their own. Daycare and babysitting services are also available. Myth No. 6: What if there’s a medical emergency? We’ll be in the middle of the ocean with no medical services. Reality: Virtually every cruise ship has a fully equipped medical facility and staff on board to handle almost any emergency. The cruise lines also have precautions in place if a person has to be evacuated to a hospital on land. If you have concerns, be sure to speak with your travel agent to get specifics on the line’s policies. Some tips: Be sure to purchase trip insurance. Most lines cover these types of medical emergencies Prescription medication should be kept close at hand in a purse or carry-on, rather than in checked luggage. Carry a written list of medications with dosages, in case your medications get lost.

Myth No. 7: Cruise ships spend all their time at sea; we won’t see anything!

Reality: Cruise vacationers actually have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time on land. Virtually every cruise features multiple ports of call, giving travelers a chance to visit beautiful, secluded beaches, vibrant cities, and popular tourist sites, as well as to enjoy breathtaking scenery. Every port offers a unique experience. Ships usually arrive in port early in the morning, allowing plenty of time for shopping, dining, visiting historical sites and exploring the area. Planned excursions , arranged by the ship’s staff or local sightseeing companies, also are available at an extra cost.

Myth No. 8 There aren’t any healthy options on board for my family.

Reality: While cruises are known for having plenty of food available, cruise lines are very aware of the healthy-eating

2023 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner

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