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CruiseCompete provides a full refund. Among the most popular shore excursions are visits to sites of spiritual significance. These “sacred sites” reflect a common thread between the great religions and are viewed as places where the faithful can go for healing, guidance, or divine inspiration. There are innumerable sites that can now be visited via shore excursion; what follows is a list of some of the most popular “sacred places” that are accessible via cruise ship:

Asia/Far East Beijing, China, Hanging Monastery Beppu, Japan, Beppu Onsen

Delhi, India, Taj Mahal Delhi, India, Rishikesh Hiroshima, Japan, Peace Memorial Park Kochi, Kanyakumari, India, 3 oceans unite, Ghandi Memorial Mumbai, India, Ajanta and Ellora caves Qingdao, Tai Shan, China, Tai Shan Dai Mai Complex Shanghai, South Korea, Lotus Lantern Festival Shimizu, Japan, Mt Fuji Taipei, China/Taiwan, Wenwu Temple Yangon, Myanman, Bagan

Caribbean Bridgetown, Trinidad and Tobago, Diwali

Europe Bordeaux, France, Lourdes

Bucharest, Romania, Hurezi Monastery Cologne, Germany, Aachen Cathedral Cologne, Germany, Shrine of the Three Kings Dublin, Ireland, Newgrange Holyhead, Holywell, Wales, St Winefride’s Well Lisbon, Portugal, Our Lady of Fatima Madrid, Spain, Mezquita Beaches of Normandy, France, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial Mediterranean Cairo, Sinai peninsula, Mt Sinai/St. Catherine’s Monastery Haifa, Nazareth / Galilee (Haifa), Israel, Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) Istanbul, Turkey, Blue Mosque Livorno, Italy, Chapel of the Stigmata Luxor, Egypt, Valley of the Kings Rhodes, Greece, The Cave of the Apocalypse Rome, Italy, Abbazia Di San Galgano Rome, Italy, St. Peter’s Basilica Paris, France, Chartres Cathedral Paris, France, Mont-St.-Michael Southampton, England, Stonehenge

2023 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner

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